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Wizata proposes vertical solutions answering to your specific sector challenges. As main domains of expertize, Wizata counts today the Manufacturing (Industry 4.0), Insurance, Energy, Media sectors and e-commerce for predictive management and process optimization.
By embedding themselves in your business and synergising with your teams, WIZATA’s data scientists uncover hidden gems within your data, whether internal or external to your organisation.
Every profile is an exception, that’s why WIZATA offers an advanced collaboration model with people who are real experts in data science.
Unique profiles for unique services.

Our services

A one-stop shop to extract actionable insights from your data.

Our expertise gives us an innovative vision of the possibilities offered by predictive analysis in your industry. We bring concrete answers to your business challenges. Our solutions and personalised services are based on a results-oriented approach and on measurable metrics. To achieve this mission, we offer a set of 5 services:


Business process optimization - Industry 4.0

Production optimization and predictive maintenance

In a production process, every component could influence the final result expected. Understanding your own processes and identifying the different variables that have an impact on the production line is our mission. Either based on your internal data or enriched by external data, optimization recommendations will help you maximize your performance and increase your revenue. Collecting and processing data also helps you to predict failures before they occur and therefore maintaining your level of service as well as saving costs on potential necessary replacement.

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Lead scoring

Focus your efforts on valuable prospects.

Predictive algorithms let you allocate a predictive score to each of your leads according to the likelihood they will buy your products or services. You can also identify a prospect's key value criteria within various segments or products. Lead scoring solutions can then generate a list of potential customers to business applications such as CRM or ERP, allowing your sales team to optimize their efforts

Web behaviour analytics

Provide real time prediction and business recommendations

Gathering the browsing history of a visitor (even anonymous) beyond the duration of a single session helps you build a complete understanding of your customer behaviours and define consumer profiles. Continuous learning will help you determine the reason why they visit you and why they stay on your website. The intelligence you collect will help you better understand who are your prospects, and will help you determine the next best action as for example providing real time and personalized content recommendations. Check our customer case here.

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Our methodology

Our methodology, inspired by market standards, combines agility and pragmatism with a scientific method in order to guarantee successful innovation. Projects are managed through iterative phases, bringing fast results. At the beginning of each cycle, our teams define and analyze your business processes with you. A successful project starts with a clear definition of its objectives, allowing you to track the expected return on your investment. Our data scientists then carry out a research phase that allows them to understand and enrich your data in a way that will support theories. The selected solution is based on one or several machine learning model(s) and is trained and evaluated based on the data. Results are then analyzed against the theory, comparing it with the reality of the data, which gives you a prediction of the real return on your investment. Finally, a decision is made whether to deploy the solution or to go back to analysing business processes.


Wizata opted for Microsoft as its technology partner because of the difference the company makes to the market with its suite of integrated tools, available on premise, in the cloud or through a hybrid deployment (SaaS/IaaS).

More specifically, Wizata offers services based on "Cortana Intelligence Suite", which allows us to perform the most advanced data analysis within a secure and flexible environment.

"Cortana Intelligence Suite" includes a complete set of solutions such as Machine Learning, Power BI, Stream Analytics, Cognitive Services, Big Data, etc. These are based on three streams : prediction (based on automated learning algorithms); prescription (based on concrete action); and automation (treating complex problems that involve diverse, dynamic, real time data).

Our references

"Our business challenge around reporting was to find a way to present and summarize large quantities of relevant data to the business decision makers within our organization. Wizata solved this by putting their expertise to work with our teams and by using Microsoft Power BI as an interface. The result is that we now have a powerful BI/reporting tool that we can master and adapt according to our needs."

Christophe Danhier - IT Director / Directeur Informatique

"We wanted to gain insight on the mass of data we are collecting every day and improve our time management. Wizata understood rapidly our business needs, they answered by providing us a central point of data management and gave us the ability to conciliate a huge volume of data from different external sources in several ready to use insightful report. "

Marco Marini - Head of Marketing Radio & Press

"Our business challenge was to increase the ROI on some critical recurring marketing campaigns within a specific business line. We worked with Wizata's Data Scientists to improve the scoring of our campaigns by using Machine Learning on an Microsoft Azure platform. We now have a secure model that is in constant improvement and that allows us to increase performance while complying with data privacy regulation."

Bruno Lambotte Business Transformation Expert

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