Industry 4.0

Production optimization & predictive maintenance

Make sense of your data to predict and optimize your production process

In a production process, every component could influence the final result expected. Understanding your own processes and identifying the different variables that have an impact on the production line is our mission. Either based on your internal data or enriched with external data, optimization recommendations will help you maximize your performance and increase your revenue. Collecting and processing data’s also help you to predict failures before they occur and therefore maintaining your level of service as well as saving costs on potential necessary replacement. Discover below key industrial topics we focus on and the latest data science technology we choose to answer the most complex problematics.

Production process optimization

Production line yield forecasting

Thanks to the power of Machine Learning and based on your own data as well as on external data, we are today able to predict precisely the behaviors of your production line. This empowers your teams to take the right actions at the right moments and to make sure you act before an unexpected situation occurs.

Production line yield optimization

Make sure you have the best yield possible from your production line. Thanks to Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, our Data Scientists are able to detect the points of improvement or failure and advice on the key actions to perform to reach the best results from your production line.

Predictive data science

Predictive maintenance

By detecting the patterns leading to maintenance operations, Data Scientists are now able to predict when a problem is likely to happen based on real time values. Basing your maintenance on these real time insights helps you to better manage your ressources, to maintain your equipment in better form and to prevent unplanned decrease of activities.

Predictive quality

Make sure to detect beforehand when the quality of process or materials is likely to decrease and avoid impacts on costs, time and overall satisfaction. Artificial Intelligence helps you today to build efficient and trusted alert systems to better manage and anticipate unexpected, irregular or uncompliant production issues.

Wizata solutions in 1m45

Artificial intelligence as key technology

Artificial intelligence (AI), is the machine capacity to perform equal or better than human.  It has the objective to simulate its intelligence and to complement human reasoning to augment and enrich our ability to deal with complex challenges.

Where human could be limited in the resolution of specific questions, the machine is able to help. Through powerful algorithms, the machine has the capacity to treat the data following a specific business request. 

One of the AI powerful techniques we use at WIZATA to handle your project is the Azure Machine Learning. The Machine learning gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning explores the study and construction of algorithms that can learn from and make predictions on data. Microsoft Azure remains the best cloud, stable and flexible solution supporting open sources technologies millions of you already trust.

These are the latest and most powerful technologies we put at your disposal to make sure we answer your unsolved business problems and uncover unexploited opportunities.


A one-stop shop to extract actionable insights from your data. 

Our expertise gives us an innovative vision of the possibilities offered by predictive analysis in your industry. We bring concrete answers to your business challenges. Our solutions and personalised services are based on a results-oriented approach and on measurable metrics. To achieve this mission, we offer a set of 5 services:






The art of giving data a voice


Knowledge through connected objects

Starting with specific questions linked to your activity, our data scientists analyse and enrich past data, sometimes adding external data as well, then translate it into concrete insights relating to your business and to your customers. These insights give you an understanding of how different bits of information correlate, and allow us to propose predictive analysis solutions.





The ’Internet of Things (IoT), also known as internet of objects, is based on the idea of interconnecting objects and physical hardware, then connecting them to the internet. These connections allow for greatly increased communication, resulting in a vast amount of data that can then be analysed and transformed. For example, data collected by sensors in an elevator become an input for the implementation of a predictive maintenance system.

With the help of our partners, our services range from the analysis of information gathered by existing objects and systems to the deployment of a whole IoT project, from sensor design to data analysis.






A strategic partnership


Predictive analysis that integrates with your systems

Making sense of its data is a critical success factor for any organisation. We propose a complete business strategy to manage and use information, regardless of your industry and of the issues you face. Our advisory activity is about acquiring data, exploiting it and transforming it into knowledge.


Maximise the use you make of the information provided in real time by the predictive analysis. Whatever the technology, we apply predictive models to your data and connect the results to your business processes, all within existing systems such as ERP or CRM.



Sharing our expertise

We want you to independently benefit from our solutions, which means we offer knowledge transfer for all or part of our services, such as data visualisation or the exploitation of predictive models. Our experts are always available through a dedicated support service, ensuring the long term continuity and added value of our solutions.


Our customers

To respect the confidentiality of the projects on which we are working, we are not able to share with you here all the details. To get some inspiration on what’s possible for your own business, don’t hesitate to contact us

Why would you trust us?

  • Our Data Scientists are the link between the power of science, the knowledge of data manipulation and the latest technologies.
  • You pay for the results you're getting.
  • We encourage you to start with a precise and limited scope so that you evolve rapidly and gain trust with concrete results.
  • We are not only a technology provider, we think with you and act in tandem with you.
  • We are a Microsoft CSP Tier 1 and part of the Microsoft Practice Development Unit (PDU), ensuring you the best level of support and advanced technologies.
  • We have reached the highest level of certification at Microsoft with our Gold competencies in Data Analytics and Cloud Platform.
  • We act with respect and conviction following our core values : Trust, Innovation, Passion and Pragmatism.
  • Winner of the 2017 Microsoft Country Partner of the Year Award for Luxembourg, thanks to the excellence of the solutions provided to our customers.
  • Winner of the Technology Startup of the Year Award 2016 - ICT Awards Luxembourg.

Trusted partners

Our methodology

Our methodology, inspired by market standards, combines agility and pragmatism with a scientific method in order to guarantee successful innovation. Projects are managed through iterative phases, bringing fast results. At the beginning of each cycle, our teams define and analyze your business processes with you. A successful project starts with a clear definition of its objectives, allowing you to track the expected return on your investment. Our data scientists then carry out a research phase that allows them to understand and enrich your data in a way that will support theories. The selected solution is based on one or several machine learning model(s) and is trained and evaluated based on the data. Results are then analyzed against the theory, comparing it with the reality of the data, which gives you a prediction of the real return on your investment. Finally, a decision is made whether to deploy the solution or to go back to analysing business processes.

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