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Platform - Low Saturation

Why should I use an IIoT Platform?

IIoT stands for Industrial Internet of Things, and it's one of the technologies responsible for the latest industrial revolution dubbed Industry 4.0. Wizata is an IIoT platform designed to help manufacturers improve their efficiency and performance using small sensors that monitor every element in your production.

These sensors are tiny smart devices that can be used for all kinds of practices including real-time monitoring, automation, predictive maintenance, etc. As a result, you will be able to use generated data to find weak spots in your production lines and the AI will propose solutions you can use to improve efficiency.

But Wizata can do so much more. All of the sensors you install will become visible in Wizata's dashboard, allowing you to track every company asset in real-time. Moreover, once you gather enough data, you can create a digital twin of your entire manufacturing process and use it to run all kinds of simulations. They can help you identify and fix potential issues through predictive maintenance, drastically cutting down on downtime costs.
Wizata's solution is also ideal for digital product development, helping you reduce costs and improve efficiency. All in all, it's a technology defining the latest industrial revolution.


How does Wizata work?
How can I implement AI in my process with Wizata?

Wizata's unique AI-driven software solution is just what you need to improve your business processes and help bring your company to a new level. It uses artificial intelligence to review your manufacturing processes and improve your decision-making.

Running a manufacturing line takes a lot of time and effort, and no matter how hard you try, you won't be able to review the entire system manually. Wizata's platform uses IIoT sensors to generate data and find better solutions to improve efficiency and productivity.

Once the IIoT sensors are in place, they are able to monitor every element in the production closely. The data is fed into an ML model that learns how the product works and predicts potential issues. The ML then sends the analyzed data to the AI that finds solutions to problems you don't even know about.

That gives you the ability to use other available technologies, such as the Digital Twin, to streamline your production even more. Wizata's solution can work with new systems as well as legacy production lines. It is able to bring a lot of value to your company through practices such as predictive maintenance, virtual product development, etc.


What happens if there is a problem?

Wizata's AI solution always provides accurate results with the right setup. However, if you have any questions or struggle to adopt new functionalities and features, our support team will be more than happy to help you out. We also provide tutorials, training, and you can join our online community to exchange ideas with other Wizata platform users. Contact Wizata support today for more information.


How can I calculate my ROI?

Wizata is an IoT platform designed to help improve your operation through the use of IoT sensors and data. Once installed, it will have a direct impact on your ROI, as it will help reduce downtimes, increase efficiency and productivity, and improve all product development efforts.


How does the pricing model work?

Monthly license. Wizata offers different tiers and packages based on data volume. No matter the package you choose you will have access to all functionalities.


What is the Digital Twin?

A digital replication of your physical process and facilities. The digital replica is connected to the physical world and is able to exchange data, either only as outbound connection or bidirectional.


How is Wizata’s Digital Twin different from competitors?

Digital twin technology is the most revolutionary approach to manufacturing the world has ever seen. There are multiple companies that offer unique solutions using this technology, but most lack a direct link between digital twin technology and other smart applications.

Wizata's unique DT solution is a truly impressive system that uses IIoT sensors to generate manufacturing data. Once it gathers enough information, it creates a digital representation of your entire manufacturing process. The data is constantly fed to the digital system, allowing you to run simulations, and centralize all business knowledge into one extremely capable digital platform.


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