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Why Wizata?

Wizata is a company looking to help businesses build a better future with the use of advanced technologies and AI. If you're as passionate about developing highly-capable AI solutions that can help transform entire industries, while working with talented young experts, Wizata is the place for you!

The company was founded in 2016, with the goal to help engineers find new ways of improving production and operational efficiency. We've worked with many industrial businesses by helping them reach a new level by solving their operational problems with advanced AI solutions. Join us today and help us build a better future for everyone!

Wizata team at Arcelor Belval 1300 X 975-1

Why join the WIZATA team?

Once you join Wizata's team, you will surround yourself with talented individuals who enjoy putting their heads together to help solve operational problems. Every member of our team is considered an expert in their field, and we all work together to create revolutionary AI-powered industrial solutions.

You can expect a professional workplace with all amenities you need to be as productive and happy as possible. Wizata will help you feel right at home, and all of your hard work will be rewarded. Join Wizata today and help us create a better and more stable future for companies all over the globe.

Socializing after work at WIZATA!

Looking to join the WIZATA team?


Help us create better AI solutions in the future

Feel free to reach out and contact our HR team, even if there are no open positions. We are always looking for experts who can help improve our platform and bring new energy to the team.