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Our Vision

Empower manufacturers to reach worldwide data-driven operational excellence with AI and easy technology.


Our Mission

To empower industrials with digital tools to be part of the next revolution.


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CTO & Founder

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CFO, COO & Co-Founder

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CEO & Co-Founder

Wizata Story

2016 Data Science as a Service

In 2016, Wizata was honored to receive the Microsoft Partner of the Year award. This valuable recognition is a testament to our dedication to high-tech solutions for complex industrial challenges. Building on stable and well-integrated platforms such as Microsoft and Amazon Web Services gives us the security and liberty to push our idea of using data science as a service and innovate and build confidently.

2019 Platform to Scale and Replicate

In 2019, our primary goal was to build an intuitive and solid platform that would be easily scaled and replicated in other industries with similar assets and setups. Comfortably replicating technologies between different industrial processes is a crucial strategy for cost reduction and improving overall production efficiency.

2021 Ready-to-Use AI

We strongly believe that providing our partners with ready-to-use applications is the only way to implement AI in the heavy industry world successfully. Suppose an application can be used with equal ease and efficiency by operations managers, technicians, and engineers. In that case, the process can be dramatically enhanced, and the costs of running it significantly reduced.

This is why in 2021, we made it possible to employ AI as the workhorse of a new generation of apps and software. It is an idea that is no longer a dream but a reality that is already making industrial settings worldwide richer, more efficient, and less taxing on the environment. At Wizata, we bring the complexity of the world of AI and contain it within an app that everyone in the chain of command of a factory can learn how to use in no time.

2022 Sustainability and Energy Reduction

Last but not least, other than reducing production costs and increasing a company's production output, we also aim to reduce the adverse effects of industrial residue on the environment.

In 2022, we made a conscious effort to help make the industrial processes more energy-efficient. We also reduce the CO2 emitted into the atmosphere and the electricity required to run your company. Using our apps can decrease your energy costs by over 4%, and a lot of funds our partners redirect to such valuable pursuits as renovating their premises, increasing their team’s salaries, or towards innovation.

The Value of Open Architecture

At Wizata, we believe protecting your sensitive data is of utmost importance for keeping your business competitive. Other than providing high-tech AI-powered solutions for improving the efficiency of industrial processes, we employ the power of AI to enhance the security of edge computing devices. This way, you can always have real-time access to your data, while keeping your IP safe.

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Our Partners

We didn't choose Microsoft and AWS technologies by chance: it's the results of tests, expertise, and proven results. Having at disposal the best technologies and internal certified professionals at the cutting edge of those technologies is key to success.

Awarded Microsoft Luxembourg Partner of the Year 2017, Wizata has been able to demonstrate the success of its approach and vision, allowing worldwide and international manufacturing producers to harvest the power of Artificial Intelligence solutions within their production processes.

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We Are Proud

to be a part of the MADE IN LUXEMBOURG label, a trademark registered since 1984 on the initiative of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Chamber of Trades, which is used to identify the Luxembourg origin of products and services.

Our Investors

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