Open architecture, adaptive, trusted platform to orchestrate your connected factories and secure all your data - from edge sensors to the cloud


It’s your data

Privacy-by-design and end-to-end security

  • Components and data secured on your own Microsoft Azure tenant: your data, models, business knowledge and IP stay under your sole control
  • End-to-end security of the data pipeline from edge components & sensors to the cloud

Complete integration of IoT

Orchestration of all assets

  • Streamlined AI and intelligent solutions pipeline: leverage cloud supercomputing and deploy machine learning models to edge components of isolated assets and in hyper-connected factories
  • Digital Twin context-driven interactive monitoring and visualization of your assets from factories to individual sensors, in combination with Azure Time Series Insights and Events Analytics
  • Scale, replicate and adapt custom solutions to similar assets, leveraging custom libraries and templates
  • Graphical web-based interface accessible from anywhere and on mobile devices

Open architecture and adaptive platform

Scale up your intelligent solutions

  • Business layer and rule-based programming with customizable code to centralize your business expertise and build failsafe AI process control for factory automation
  • Open-source programming languages support
  • Brand and protocol agnostic: connect all models and all brands of sensors, machines and equipment, via OPC UA and other communication protocols for real-time data ingestion and analytics
  • Extensibility and autonomy to inspect, customize and replace modules
  • Full compatibility with existing ML and AI modelling workflows and notebooks
  • Backend powered by state-of-the-art Microsoft Azure components such as Azure Machine Learning, in full compliance with local data regulations such as GDPR