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Steel industry circle


Data-driven predictive maintenance for continuous casting optimization

A long product metal producer wants to reduce cost through avoiding production stoppages and planning maintenance efficiently. The client decides to focus on the continuous casting section as it's the most challenging and problematic part of the production process.


Digital twin for asset management and predictive maintenance

A global Cement Producer recently started an ambitious, multi-phased digital transformation journey to increase revenue by reducing production downtime, running operations at more than 95% efficiency, and reducing CO2 emissions.

Use Cases - Digital Twin
Use Cases - Mining Operations


Mining operations yield increase through digitization

The Mining division of an international Steel producer wants to explore why the yield (tons produced per hour) of some production lines is different from other -despite identically equipped -production lines.

Process manufacturing

Process automation as scalable prototype

In its constant effort to leverage digitalization and industry 4.0 loT, a global lime producer has the goal of automating Kiln, a furnace technology, within their plants in several locations and optimizing their daily operations with the use of data-driven insights from production data.

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