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The Wizata Platform is a state-of-the-art IIoT application designed to help users improve operation management on all levels. It's a software solution that allows users to improve manufacturing, locate bottlenecks, and make better data-driven business decisions.

With the use of advanced AI, automation, and all kinds of other advanced customizable features, the platform can help optimize industrial automation through the entire manufacturing process.

All users gain access to the data they need to improve specific processes, and Wizata will provide each one with the best custom software solution. Let's take a closer look at the main features the platform offers.


Wizata offers a fully customizable IIoT platform that can be applied across many different industries including mining, printing, food & beverage, metal & minerals, and many others. The sole purpose of the platform is to help identify challenges in the operation and find the right solutions. All of the data is first scanned by a custom AI that provides the best solution based only on high-quality data from multiple channels. Once you know what's going on, you can choose to address the issues using the many available features. Here are some of the features you can use to stay on top of your operation at all times:
1. Digital Twin


Digital Twin is one of Wizata's native features and it allows you to re-create all of your production lines in a virtual environment. The process doesn't include any coding or advanced skills. You can simply import existing production line data and use the platform to improve productivity and efficiency.
The focus here is on using available data to find potential issues and overcome challenges. The platform allows you to improve data quality and make informed decisions for the future. Of course, the process is easily scalable and can be applied to operations across many different industries.

2. Blockly


Blockly is a tool for creating custom algorithms without hiring developers or data scientists. The algorithms can be as complex as needed to cope with the data you generate. It doesn't require any previous knowledge, as everything is done from a single intuitive dashboard.

3. Custom Reporting


Everyone knows that data is worthless without reports, and Wizata's IIoT platform allows you to customize reporting you can then share with other team members with a single click. That includes detailed visual reports on many different key factors that affect the efficiency of the entire operation.

4. Data Explorer


The Data Explorer can help you manage data from all pipelines from a single dashboard. All of the data is presented in easy-to-read reports you can analyze further. That way, you can get an overview of all product lines, departments, physical locations, and so on. It's an excellent tool that can help you identify issues and improve logistics.

5. Mobile


Wizata's platform can be easily accessed using any device including smartphones and tablets. It allows you to keep track of everything at any time and from any location across the globe.

6. Custom Alerts


You can also create personalized alerts to make sure that you're always informed about the latest changes. The rules are flexible, allowing you to focus on the most important data changes.

7. Monitoring


With seamless connectivity with legacy assets by using sensors, Wizata can help you monitor all elements within your operation at all times. The AI will automatically remove low-quality information to further simplify the monitoring process. Once the system is in place, you can easily spot anomalies and trends within your operation, allowing you to increase your ROI and minimize expenses.


Here are some of the main benefits you can expect to get by using the Wizata IIoT Platform:

  • Reduced downtime and predictive maintenance to avoid asset failure.
  • Optimized production for better efficiency and lower maintenance costs.
  • Improved workflows and ROI based on high-quality data resulting in reduced asset downtime.
  • Power and energy management throughout the entire production chain allowing you to further reduce energy costs.
  • Boost your expertise by using contextualized data to automate repetitive tasks.
  • Operational overview for better asset and data organization by closely monitoring all plants and production lines.
  • Cloud or on-premises access to all data coming from multiple pipelines.
  • KPI reporting aligned with your business goals.
  • Real-time quality management using aggregated data from all sources.
  • Customized application empowering users to create a personal approach to the platform.
  • Accurate ROI and financial calculations of all data and physical assets.
  • 256-bit encryption of all messages, data storage, and other security features available.
  • Implementation with third-party SaaS solutions.


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