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The open architecture platform empowering engineers to optimize the production process with AI

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With its Digital Twin, Data Explorer and AI solutions builder functionalities, the Wizata Platform empowers manufacturing industry to drive its digital transformation and facilitates the development of AI solutions from proof of concept till real time production recommendations. This open architecture platform (SaaS – Software as a Service) acts as an orchestrator of your different assets (machines, sensors, AI, cloud, edge, ...) and ensures you gather and explore easily your data that stay under your sole control. The platform has been developed as an orchestrator to support your R&D projects through Artificial Intelligence. Enriched with a tool to measure directly the ROI of every initiative, the platform helps you innovate at your rhythm.


The 6 key elements you have to know about the platform:

Whole process optimization

Whole process optimization

Optimize holistically instead of isolated parts. Wizata's 4D engine automatically harmonizes data in space and time.

ROI driven

ROI-driven prioritization

Focus on your business pains and prioritize AI solutions based on ROI. Then replicate and win again. 

Data, models and IP under your sole control

Keep your competitive advantage at home. You own the IP. 


Orchestrate every actors, resources and objectives from a single point. 
Black box

Open architecture

No blackbox: get a transparent view to industry-standard modules and open technologies that are the building blocks of your custom solutions.


One single tool to let operations, technology and management profiles collaborate together. 

Meet the platform and its features: 


Track your business issues and prioritize solutions

  • Control resources invested into AI experiments step by step and prioritize your projects depending on  how your AI solutions solve your business pains and improve production processes, their return of investment and according to data science best practices in metallurgy that we developed since 4 years around the world.
  • Align all actors and your AI objectives to a common vision around process optimization, for efficient synergy between management, operations, engineering, technology, R&D, and innovation teams.
  • Powerful personalized live dashboards customized to your needs.

Digitize your Manufacturing Processes through the digital twin

  • Get a global view of all your assets in a single interface : the digital twin.
  • Build a meaningful digital representation of your manufacturing processes for advanced analytics, digitizing only what is needed to solve your business issues. Take advantage of intuitive tools to enrich your data with business knowledge, such as its precise position, context and role in the processes to prepare the data for analysis.
  • Centralize your business knowledge and tradecraft for cross-functional efficiency.

Track and explore your data

  • Precisely track the material as it is transformed and the state of the machines at the exact time it passed through. Asses, clean, normalize, standardize, adapt and automatically ready the data for data science experiments and the R&D process, with advanced visualization and direct AI interpretation through a 4D engine that maps, realigns and harmonizes data in space and time.
  • Native orchestration all the external modules and necessary resources you need for your projects, such as Azure components.
  • Keep data and AI models under your control to maintain your competitive advantage: only you can access it. Wizata supports open-source industry-standard file formats and programming languages such as R and Python.

Build your own AI solutions

  • Develop and deploy machine learning algorithms that mimic natural intelligence and its learning processes with the added power of cloud computing. The AI algorithms will perceive, learn, reason and communicate through observation of data and identify patterns to make predictions and achieve your predefined goals, rather than blindly following programmed instructions.
  • Perform your data science experiments, big data analytics and AI models training with continuous learning using established external tools of your choice such as Azure Databricks and Jupyter.
  • Your intellectual property (data, AI models and digital twins) remain under your sole control.




Harvest your AI insights

  • Get specific answers to your business needs leveraging AI that has with a full view of the whole processes and understands your entire production lines, helping you to build further business knowledge and get the most out of your assets.
  • Translate the AI insights into actionable recommendations, alerts and notifications to empower operators in their daily tasks and in delicate, time-sensitive situations.
  • Give every person across the company the tools to take smarter decisions faster and avoid small issues turning into impactful problems.

Scale your AI solutions across all your assets

  • Leverage AI and multiply the ROI of successful projects for company-wide impact by replicating your AI solutions from production line to production line and from factory to factory.
  • Adapt existing digital twins smartly and expediently to similar assets across the world, with full automatic integration of AI models and connection of necessary modules.
  • Unify the data science methodology with a consolidated knowledge base, automatic data query and job scheduling, addition and supervision of additional technical resources, built-in library of AI models and collaborative tools that unite all stakeholders to foster innovation.

Powered by Microsoft Azure

Developed on productive, hybrid, intelligent and trusted Cloud technologies

Wizata is the combination of our industry expertise and homemade development with state-of-the-art Microsoft Azure components such as Azure Machine Learning. This enables us to offer an adaptive, specialized and secure artificial intelligence platform for the process industry throughout the world, from isolated mines to hyper-connected factories, in total compliance with local data regulations such as GDPR.

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