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Partnership with MLean

Partnership with MLean


December 13nd, 2023

Revolutionizing Manufacturing Through a Dynamic Partnership: Wizata and mlean Join Forces


Luxembourg - Wizata is proud to announce a new partnership with Mobile Lean (mlean) to provide an advanced AI SaaS platform called Wizata and the mlean Production System (mPS) to manufacturing customers.      

In a significant stride towards transforming the landscape of digitalized manufacturing processes, Wizata and mlean have officially announced their partnership. These two industry leaders, each at the forefront of innovative solutions in their respective niches, are set to revolutionize how businesses optimize and improve manufacturing operations.

Wizata, a pioneering company in the realm of digital transformation, has developed a cutting-edge platform that harnesses the power of data-oriented strategies, including machine learning and artificial intelligence. This platform empowers manufacturing entities to make informed decisions, enhance efficiency, and elevate overall productivity.


Philippe Maes, the CEO of Wizata, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating:

"At Wizata, we believe in the transformative potential of data-driven strategies to revolutionize manufacturing. Teaming up with mlean allows us to combine our expertise in machine learning and AI with mlean's proficiency in digital continuous improvement, creating a collaboration that will undoubtedly redefine manufacturing operations for good."


mlean, a global leader in digital continuous improvement, developed modular software with all the tools anybody could ever need to optimize lean manufacturing processes, boosting safety, efficiency, and profitability. Their mPS facilitates seamless data integration from the shop floor to the office, connecting workers and processes successfully across the whole organization.


Roberto Delgado, CEO of mlean, shared his thoughts on the partnership:

"Collaborating with Wizata opens up new avenues for us to amplify the impact of our digital continuous improvement solutions. By bringing our solutions to a wider range of customers and markets, we aim to empower manufacturing companies with a comprehensive approach to optimize processes and foster a culture of continuous improvement."


This collaboration between Wizata and mlean represents a pivotal moment in the digitalization of manufacturing processes. As the two companies pool their expertise, businesses across industries can look forward to a transformative journey toward enhanced efficiency, data-driven decision-making, and sustainable production environments. The future of manufacturing is undoubtedly in capable hands as Wizata and mlean embark on this groundbreaking partnership.

For more information check www.wizata.com and www.mlean.com or please contact Martina Zanettia at rru@wizata.com.



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