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Press kit: the Wizata platform

Press kit: the Wizata platform

You’ll find a comprehensive press kit about the Wizata platform by clicking this link for English and this link for German: it is an open platform to build and deploy Artificial Intelligence solutions dedicated to process manufacturing.

Why is this platform different than others?

From proof of concepts to real production, this platform offers :

  • No black box, but transparency: the open platform is built on modular components that can be checked, customized, and replaced
  • Entire production line consideration: holistic and comprehensive optimization of processes to enhance the entire production instead of isolated parts
  • Actionable recommendations: from the multitude of possible outcomes that are simulated, the best course of actions is identified by AI to achieve the predefined objectives, generating live recommendations
  • Privacy by design: the data, models and IP are kept under the sole control of the customer

Our goal?

Leveraging on data science best practices fine-tuned over 5 years around the world, Wizata developed this platform to give manufacturing companies a concrete tool (acting as an orchestrator of technologies, methodologies and tools) to build and scale AI solutions as answer to unsolved or complex manufacturing challenges such as environmental, quality, yield or maintenance.

Do you need more information, AI expert analysis for thematic articles or would you like to book an interview? Contact Raphaël Cayrol, PR Officer at Wizata.