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How is Data Changing the Manufacturing Industry?

Episode 13

How is Data Changing the Manufacturing Industry?

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The world of industry is changing. We live in the age of smart manufacturing, and you can't take two steps in any direction without seeing industry 4.0 plastered over the booths. 

In Luxembourg Pavilion only, there are multiple companies in the same sphere. What we mean by that is a shift from how we manage production processes, from relying on our engineers' experience and intuition to data-driven decision-making. 

And this is not a choice. This is not a fad. This is an inevitability. And it's only a matter of time before companies adopt and adapt or risk falling too far behind. Saving money and time on assuring the uptime of your assets with predictive maintenance, cutting the time to market, and phasing out quality control with the predictive quality. 

And have you recently seen your energy bills? The prices are skyrocketing. Use the data, learn from it, and use the algorithms to get recommendations on reducing and optimizing your energy consumption without slowing down production. 



These were the benefits reserved only for those with enough resources to invest in developing new software solutions or hiring data science teams. With our platform, you can make a digital twin seamlessly. 

By that, we mean creating a digital replica of all your assets and performances and having access to it with any device at the tip of your finger. You can use our ready-to-use AI to discover insights into your production and reduce costs in both maintenance and energy consumption. 

Last but not least, use a single source of truth for the health and performance of your production, easily deployable and scalable on any asset and facilities you may have. Join our family of satisfied clients and use our ready-to-use AI to reduce your production cost. 

Thank you!