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Formerly, Odometric had another partner with cloud servers and a display interface. This was not completed and absolutely not practical. The search for a replacement partner led to the current partnership. 

Odometric uses the Wizata platform as a tool for handling and displaying data from various instruments. These instruments are developed either by Odometric or specifically for Odometric. The data collected is therefore transmitted in real time to the Cloud exclusively at Wizata. 

In the near future, Odometric plans to switch its Riverine Observatory platform to a system developed by Wizata and based on the current platform. 

Currently, various aspects allow us to have a return on investment: 

  • The data manipulation functionalities allow us to save time compared to manual processing and a posteriori via usual software (Excel, R, Python ...)

  • Thanks to real-time processing, the Customer interface is pleasant and relevant. Odometric can present data in real time. 

  • Having an "open" tool allows you to connect several different instruments. In general, environmental sensors are designed to work with a server and a proprietary interface. In addition to the constraining aspect, these tools are often very inflexible, both from a personalization and financing point of view, and often expensive. 

  • The "added value" functions make it possible to offer many services that were previously impossible: email / SMS alerts for example. These services can be valued with the end customer. 

  • This unique interface saves time when it is necessary to monitor both measurement values ​​AND instrument technical data.  

Besides the financial aspects, the practical aspect remains the most important: Odometric has limited the number of intermediaries between the instrument and the client. We can now modify our treatments directly, by limiting the exchanges with our service providers. 

For example, in the event of a problem connecting a weather station to the current observatory platform, the following steps are essential: 

  1. Contact the server provider => 3+ days delay 

  2. Contact the service provider Interface / website => 3+ days delay 

  3.  Exchanges between the 2 providers => 1 week delay ... 

All these steps are obviously billed as after-sales service. 

The same operation with Wizata took me about 2 hours the first time due to figuring out how to initialize my timestamps. The next time I will need 30 min ... 

Setting up dashboards takes time for a person trained by Wizata, but once created this dashboard can serve as a template and be duplicated. 

The proprietary platforms of instrument suppliers are (in general): 

  • No possibility of customizing the interface 

  • No possibility of data processing 

  • Mandatory if we wanted to have an API to call the data and use it in real time 

  • Very expensive for the services offered 

  • Any request for assistance in setting up an interface page will be invoiced. 

A "proprietary" tool will be cheaper than the Wizata platform and sufficient for a very simplistic use, but as soon as you want to do something with this data in real time it is either impossible or expensive and with a lot of intermediaries and therefore a risk of bugs which increases beyond reason.

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Data Engineer

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Wizata's Data Explorer tool has helped my company streamline data management to improve overall efficiency. The platform allows easy data management from multiple sources using one highly visual dashboard. I found it extremely useful when it comes to navigation and rapid data analytics. The AI is able to predict future trends and identify weak spots in the operation much faster than anyone expected.

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There are many cloud computing AI solutions designed to help improve operations on an industrial scale, but Wizata impressed me the most. It's a highly customizable platform with unique solutions when it comes to data management, real-time monitoring, and it provides plenty of automated features. The full mobile application makes it easy to stay on top of things even when I'm traveling or visiting a different country. With custom alerts and messaging capabilities, I can always stay up-to-date with what's going on.

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Operations Manager

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Running a manufacturing operation with dozens of employees and hundreds of assets is a daunting task. Without the right solution, it would take us weeks to create reports and identify potential bottlenecks in our operation. However, after Wizata provided us with a custom operation management platform, we are able to monitor every asset in real-time. The built-in AI does an excellent job of creating reports with useful insights we could never find manually. Our operation is far more efficient since we implemented the IIoT system.

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Operations Team Member

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I remember how much work it took to generate a single performance report before we got the custom solution from Wizata. After the implementation of tracking sensors within our existing legacy assets, the management became much easier. Today, I can quickly find trends and identify issues on specific manufacturing lines with a few clicks. Moreover, our team members use the Blockly feature every day to expand the data algorithm to further improve the operation.

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Digital Engineer

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There is no doubt that IIoT brings industrialization to a whole new level. As a digital engineer, I know how hard it is to create a scalable digital environment for effective operational management. AI solutions are too expensive to create from scratch, and most available options are hard to implement in existing legacy systems. However, Wizata came through with a custom solution to our specific problem. Their software turned out to be easy to manage, highly capable of gathering and crunching data, and extremely useful for the entire company!

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Financial Advisor

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As a veteran financial advisor for mining companies all over the world, it's my job to identify the key factors that determine the cost of running a mining operation. One small mistake can end up costing the company millions of dollars, which makes my job extremely stressful. However, after I saw the power of Wizata's AI, I immediately saw the massive potential it offers. It took the software only a few days to identify the issues in the operation. The data is accurate and extremely useful, and the software helped the company optimize production and gain a substantial boost in ROI.

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