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Wizata awarded 'Startup ofthe Year' prize at the Luxembourg ICT Awards

Wizata awarded 'Startup ofthe Year' prize at the Luxembourg ICT Awards

Luxembourg - December 5 2016 - Wizata, a startup founded in 2014 in Luxembourg, was awarded the Startup of the Year Award 2016 at the Luxembourg Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) gala Dinner in Luxembourg on December 1, 2016. Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister of Luxembourg, attended the event and ended the conference session.

The prestigious prize rewarded Wizata for bringing data science at the service of companies’ innovations and digital transformation. The jury, composed of leading Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Chief Operating Officers (COOs), IT managers and Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) noted that Wizata was offering to all companies, including startups, the opportunity to take advantage of the latest technological innovations in terms of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science thanks to the power of the Cloud, while helping them to manage their data internally without communicating these crucial data to external companies. The jury also recognized that Wizata combines the agility of an SME with the support of a key actor in new technologies, Microsoft.

With this award, leaders of the IT market recognize that we’ve entered the Data Era and that every company should take advantage of concrete innovations happening now in Data Science, reacted Jean-Philippe Hugo, the CEO of Wizata. This isn’t perceived as science fiction anymore.”

Echoing the ambitions of the national ICT program ‘Digital Lëtzebuerg’, Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister of Luxembourg, insisted in his closing statements at the conference that Big Data will be tomorrow’s oil.

Wizata would like to thank its partners at Microsoft, Nerea and OSIsoft and its customers for pushing its dedicated team forward.

About Wizata:

Wizata harnesses the incredible power of Machine Learning with algorithms that keep learning to generate unique solutions, and has been developing a wide set of complementary skills including visualization of complex data, real-time analysis of data streams, Big Data and IoT projects management. Jean-Philippe Hugo, a passionate of data analytics, founded the startup at only 26 years old, in 2014. Growing rapidly, Wizata currently employs 9 talented individuals with offices in Luxembourg and Belgium.

Recent projects:

In the industry sector, Wizata analyzed real-time sensor data of the mine a world industry leader to remotely optimize the production lines to increase yields, stabilize production, minimize the wear, and reduce the energy consumption using predictive maintenance. In parallel, Wizata’s technologies enabled Content Creation & Media groups to suggest personalized content for their audience. In the Insurance business, Viaxis (AXA group) anticipates their clients’ needs following events that concerns them (weddings, accidents, etc.). In the Healthcare sector, through self-service analytics of unified data, employees of Mutualité Socialiste give a better response quicker to incidents of their affiliates.


Wizata awarded 'Startup ofthe Year' prize at the Luxembourg ICT Awards