Ensure the reliability of your production line by harvesting the power of Artificial Intelligence solutions to detect failure, reduce downtime and monitor in real time your assets. From predictive maintenance to prescriptive maintenance, the Wizata Platform  helps you detect the patterns leading to unexpected downtime and learn how to act to avoid them.

Handle downtime and Malfunction

Make sure to act before problems occur. 


Shift your scheduled maintenance to dynamic and data driven interventions, proactively acting before failures get close and optimizing resources when life cycle can still be extended.
Thanks to the Wizata Platform, it's now possible to detect anomalies, analyze their root causes, understand when problem will occur, plan preventive interventions and  define specific actions that need to be done.
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Did you know that the majority of maintenance expenses could be avoided?

Built on Azure using cutting edge industrial expertise of our data scientists, we make sure to empower you with:

  • Downtime issues reduction
  • Unnecessary maintenance costs decrease
  • Security Improvement
  • Failure detection
  • On demand maintenance planning
  • Real time monitoring 
  • Decision-making assistance

3 steps to improve your maintenance with Artificial Intelligence

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Start to define your maintenance issue

Defining the exact problem you want to solve is key to understanding the relation between your specific manufacturing objective and the data you need to collect and analyze to reach it. If you struggle defining the issue, we recommend to handle this prerequisite step with an Exploratory Workshop that will help you list, define and prioritize your production challenges.  
Once your problem is defined, you must study the business feasibility of the project, its risks and impacts within your production process but also assess if you are ready to start in terms of data amount and quality. This is what we call the Feasibility Assessment.
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TWO: R & D

Deep dive into data

The Research & Development step is intended to be a hypothesis loop where data scientists will prove or refute, through modelling, AI education and training several ideas paving the way toward the best solution. In this step, the process engineers must empower the Data Scientists by transmitting the physical constraints of the production environment in order for the AI to consider it as a whole. 

As technological support, the Wizata platform will take into account the time and space constraints of your production process. It has been developed to embrace the most recurring and time consuming parts of an AI development approach. 

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Deploy, get results and replicate !

From understanding the reason of failure (root cause analytics), to predicting when it occurs  (predictive  maintenance) and even better giving you the recommendations to make sure you avoid downtime, improve security and decrease unnecessary maintenance costs (prescriptive maintenance), the Wizata platform extracts the best production recipe from Artificial Intelligence. It helps you leverage on your own business expertise and achieve better results. Once defined, we make sure the solution is replicable from one line to another, from one plant to another and helps you achieve the best global outcome possible.


Discover the Wizata Platform

With its Digital TwinData Explorer and AI solutions builder functionalities, the Wizata Platform empowers manufacturing industry to drive its digital transformation and facilitates the development of AI solutions from proof of concept till real time production recommendations. This open architecture platform (SaaS – Software as a Service) acts as an orchestrator of your different assets (machines, sensors, AI, cloud,..) and ensures you gather, explore easily your data - staying under your sole control.

Discover the Wizata Platform


Go for 100 % production efficiency!


  • We commit on the results 
  • We make sure you can replicate the solutions we provide
  • We offer transparent and self-manageable solutions
  • We ensure that our solutions are sustainable thanks to Microsoft supported technologies 
  • We make sure our solutions adapt to your production environment within its time and space constraints

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