6 years of passion for data

Wizata was created in 2014 by Jean-Philippe Hugo, a young entrepreneur of 26 years old who was already passionate about data analytics. Rapidly encountering industrial challenges of the metal manufacturing sector and the complexity around it, he decided to develop solutions to improve production processes and bring concrete solutions to the metal market.

JPH 400 x 400With experience, three market challenges have been identified to which the company wanted to bring a solution : the need to make AI accessible to everybody, the lack of industrialization tool enabling to scale and replicate innovative solutions and the desire to control every single investment and its returns. Wizata platform was created as an answer.

Native from Luxembourg, the company raised in 2018 the interest of investors like the Digital Tech fund (The fund’s aim is to foster long-term innovation, support the technology startup ecosystem in Luxembourg) and in 2021 from Volta Ventures, KBC Focus Fund, and Finindus, and takes active part in industrial manufacturing initiatives with key local actors such as the Manufacturing Cluster of Luxinnovation, the Chamber of Commerce and the Fedil. 

Key people

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CEO & Founder

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Dario De La Puente

Finances & Founder

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Philippe Maes

Business Development & Founder

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Dmitry Borodin

Product & Innovation


Wizata, strongly supported by the worldwide leader Microsoft

The best technologies for the most complex challenges

We didn't choose Microsoft technologies by chance: it's the results of tests, expertise and proven results. Having at disposal the best technologies and internal certified professionals at the cutting edge of those technologies is key to success.  

Awarded Luxembourg Partner of the Year 2017, Wizata has been able to demonstrate the success of its approach and vision, allowing worldwide and international metal producers to harvest the power of Artificial Intelligence solutions within their production processes. 



Offer Artificial Intelligence as a new accessible tool within industrial companies to explore new improvements paths. Give to operational, innovation and management collaborators a new "cross teams assistant" helping them to evolve rapidly in their existing production environment. 


Empower companies to innovate fast, easily and produce better by introducing Artificial Intelligence in their production processes. ROI and cost reduction are the final goals aimed by Wizata - the orchestrator platform - and its solutions.

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