Web behaviour analytics

Predict the behaviour of your anonymous visitors

Learn continuously who are your web visitors, their profile, their interests

You struggle to retain visitors on your website or you would like to increase the conversion rate of your prospects
making sure they find what they are looking for ?  

Imagine you could predict the next action of each individual visitor even if anonymous. 

Make sure to capitalize on the data collected on your website and increase massively your results ! 

Provide real time prediction and business recommandations

The way it works

Being able to capture the browsing history of your web visitors beyond the duration of a single session gives you the capacity to analyze and learn continuously on their behaviours. More the data you have, the more precisely we will be able to define the way they behave, their specific interests and deduct the profile of each visitor. 

Owner of this information in real time, you will then make sure to offer each visitor the content/ next best action he is searching for. 

What's in it for you ?

  • Increase the attraction of your site : your visitors stay longer on your site thanks to personalized content.
  • Differentiate against competition = you propose what interest your visitors.
  • Get to know your visitors and capitalize on it.
  • You stay owner of your data, you build intelligence owned by you.
  • Sell better on your site and increase your relevance on other channels.
  • Proposing adequate content increase your chance to attract the profile you target with the content they are interested in (SEO).
  • Get reporting dashboard to better visualize the data collected.

Our customers speak about it

Editus has been connecting private individuals and professionals for more than 40 years. As the leader of local research in Luxembourg and as the database of reference in the Grand Duchy, Editus has successfully completed its digital transformation using especially the power of data analytics. 


  • Facing digital transformation, Editus has to adapt to the market and to the new way of information consumption. Their challenge is to acquire more qualitative traffic staying on their site.


  • WIZATA proposed Web Behaviour Analytics based on Cortana Intelligence Suite of Microsoft. A solution that is able to capture visitor profile based on their behaviour, their interests and to adapt the content in function.


  • Increase of traffic 
  • 20% of visitors click on new content 
  • Increase of time spent on website
  • Better knowledge on prospects profile, better targeted investment. 


Artificial intelligence as key technology

Artificial intelligence (AI), is the machine capacity to perform equal or better than human.  It has the objective to simulate its intelligence and to complement human reasoning to augment and enrich our ability to deal with complex challenges.

Where human could be limited in the resolution of specific questions, the machine is able to help. Through powerful algorithms, the machine has the capacity to treat the data following a specific business request. 

One of the AI powerful techniques we use at WIZATA to handle your project is Machine Learning. The Machine learning gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning explores the study and construction of algorithms that can learn from and make predictions on data. Microsoft Azure remains the best cloud, stable and flexible solution supporting open sources technologies millions of you already trust.

These are the latest and most powerful technologies we put at your disposal to make sure we answer your unsolved business problems and uncover unexploited opportunities.

Why would you work with us?

  • We provide vision: we work with you to find the best strategy. Your business is specific, our solution is adapting to it. 
  • You pay for what you really need and use. 
  • We are Gold in Data Analytics
  • We are able to manage unlimited application and integration possibilities The data collected stay your property, you are owner of the intelligence retrieved from your data. 
  • If you want to benefit from external data and depending of your needs we still can propose different sources. 
  • Continuous learning process, you capitalize daily on solutions implemented.

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